Fintech Revolution: let’s not build a bank

Having spent most of our careers building banks, we’ve realised the last thing the world needs is another bank.  What we need are interoperable financial services ecosystems that service the needs of their participants, producers and consumers, that reach the unbanked and underserved, and serve as the driver for a new democratisation of trust, fair commerce and non-exploitative flow of value operating within well governed and compliant frameworks.

So we say ‘Let’s NOT build a bank’, let’s change the world with some extraordinary thinking and sustainable development. Here is the capability map describing the underlying concepts and how they relate to each other. We’ll add new titles as we publish them. Please use this capability map as a navigation aid to support you in your personal customer journey through our work.

The articles have been written by Sofie, CEO and Rob, IT and Blockchain @rallen_consult and some can be found, alongside additional material about the economical and societal opportunities offered to developing economies by fintech, in their forthcoming book, Fintech Revolution (Palgrave Macmillan, 29 May 2018)