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hiveonline goes to Niger with CARE International

hiveonline goes to Niger with CARE International Small businesses everywhere face the same problems, and most small businesses aren’t in Denmark!  So while we’re focusing on building our customer base in Denmark, we’re also exploring future markets where hiveonline’s unique technology can have an even greater impact.  Most small businesses… Read More »hiveonline goes to Niger with CARE International

July App update!

Last week we released a significant build for our iOS app that now supports the full end to end user journey for completing a contract with a customer. This now includes quoting, contract building, project discussion, completion of milestones with evidence, payment using dummy cash and update of reputation on… Read More »July App update!

Latif Hits 3 months!

My first three months at hiveonline have been exciting. The fact that this is my first job that taps into my passion for both the environment and technology has led me to have a lot of expectations. For a while, I have been looking for a position at the nexus… Read More »Latif Hits 3 months!