Camilla Vang Arffmann

handshake financial inclusion

Align expectations with craftsmen before agreeing on a job

Working with craftsmen and small business can be difficult if you’re inexperienced or unsure. Often misunderstandings or differences in expectations lead to disagreements between craftsmen and customers. But this doesn’t have to be case. At hiveonline we are trying to make it easier to work with craftsmen. It’s often not… Read More »Align expectations with craftsmen before agreeing on a job
handshake financial inclusion

Reputation increases trust

At hiveonline we are developing a reputation system that will make it easier to clearly demonstrate the reputation of businesses and help build trusted relationships. Building a marketplace and creating a reputation score requires a lot of thinking about customer behaviour and the availability and use of data. At hiveonline… Read More »Reputation increases trust
Yanisa Suratpipit

Yanisa joining hiveonline

Yanisa Having flown 9,600km from a little red dot known as the sunny Singapore, I’m truly excited to join the hiveonline team here in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m currently embarking on an entrepreneurship program offered by the National University of Singapore (NUS) called NUS Oversea College (NOC), where undergraduates have the… Read More »Yanisa joining hiveonline