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hiveonline Community Finance vs Covid-19

Savings groups and cooperatives are critical to reversing the Covid-19 economic slowdown

Crisis response & social distancing

The Covid-19 Pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital platforms: For communication of reliable crisis updates, keeping connected with family and friends and for financially transacting at a distance. Learn how is helping savings groups throughout the crisis.

  • Groups can to meet in smaller units, confident thanks to transparency and digital records
  • NGOs can relay the most up to date information via without the need for physical visits
  • Real-time, remote monitoring of group activity

Supporting savings groups and cooperatives through the economic downturn

Sub-Saharan Africa is in its first recession in 25 years: with economic growth down from 2.4% in 2019 to between -2.1 to -5.1%.

hiveonline’s digital solutions and can help farmers, cooperatives, savings groups, and micro-entrepreneurs weather the economic downturn.

  • Voucher distribution for government or NGO support schemes
  • Promotion of financial resilience through savings, access to finance, and farming inputs
  • Builds local livelihoods and community-based production as international export markets slow
  • Allows for easy incorporation of e-money and mobile money transaction in lines with national legislation, reducing reliance on cash
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Resources for savings groups

Looking for more information on COVID-19, including best practices for Savings Groups? Contact the hiveonline team or check out some of the links below: