How it works

hiveonline redefines what it means to be an independent business. You can control your own finances with confidence, and manage customer agreements or financial arrangements without the need for paperwork.

At the same time, we give you a fact-based reputation, untainted by biased opinions, so your customers and lenders can see you’re reliable. Small businesses everywhere suffer the same problems, so we’re taking our solution to unbanked business communities in developing economies, bringing them affordable finance and trust without the need for banks or Government ID.

How it works…

hiveonline builds reputation based on the facts

how it works 1
  • Does the business deliver on their contract?
  • Do they get paid for the job?
  • Do they pay back their loans on time?
  • Do they have professional certifications?
  • Does the customer pay on time?
  • How long has the company existed for?
  • How to they compare with similar companies that have gone bankrupt?