rethinking community finance

hiveonline is revolutionising microfinance and community wealth

Our technology addresses the challenges faced by Microfinance Institutions today and benefits the communities they support


With phone records and other non-standard data, we can predict future behaviour of borrowers more accurately than with a credit history, reducing the risk of lending to people without bank records or formal IDs.

Low Admin

Our portfolio management tools dramatically reduce the effort and cost of administering lending, cutting overhead and default risk associated with micro-loans and making micro-insurance and savings easier.


Fully traceable transactions let you see cash flow to the ultimate beneficiary, giving you full confidence whether you are a community lender, an aid relief programme tracking distribution of finances, or an investment fund.


Our unique reputation technology builds a history for everyone in the ecosystem. This means total trust for everyone involved. Borrowers are scored on a history of repayments and defaults, and MFIs are monitored on their performance and treatment of customers.


hiveonline gives access to affordable personal finance, insurance and savings to the masses of micro-businesses in the informal economy, while helping them build a reputation to access formal land and business rights.


Our traceable digital currency reduces risk throughout the lending process. Unlike mobile money, it has the security of traceability, it's interoperable with other money systems and gives control to the borrower. 

a frictionless financial ecosystem for the unbanked

In-house and 3rd party white labelled products