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Everyone has a story about working with small businesses.

Sometimes there’s a great trick that turns a good experience into a great one. Other times things don’t go so well and there’s a lot to learn from. We want to hear your experiences and stories.

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We had a very bad experience with builders on a restoration project in Italy. As we were unable to be there the whole time to oversee the project there was always a risk that things would not go to plan. We had little trust in the builders that we had selected other than a recommendation from our geometra – there was nothing that we could check to confirm their skills and ability to deliver. The communication problems were also bad, with the project manager unwilling to provide as much feedback and photos as we needed to feel that we were part of the project and also to catch any problems as they arose. Ultimately, several big and expensive mistakes were made, leading to the builders (and the geometra) being removed from the project and extensive corrective action needed. If we had had the ability to objectively assess the reputation of all the parties before engaging them, and track the project delivery remotely, we could have saved a lot of money.

Rob, London

When I first moved to Glasgow, I didn’t have a go-to plumber or electrician. I didn’t trust choosing someone random off of the internet in case they were a total cowboy. I ended up not having anyone for repairs for the first couple of months which was really difficult until I knew enough people locally to get a recommendation.

Bea, Glasgow

Two years ago when I was refurbishing my apartment and I had to leave for an hour. Weeks later a smell from somewhere in my living room was making us uncomfortable, and after tracking down the source (hours of sniffing involved), we saw that they had shoved the leftovers of their lunch under our bookshelf behind the couch… Never booking them again!

Sijla, London

My biggest beefs when working with small businesses are: 1 – Trusting they’ll do a good job. There are a lot of hacks out there and a lot of people are even afraid to recommend small business because they might not act properly. 2 – Trusting them with my property. As in, giving the landscape artist keys to my property.

Cosmin, Bucharest

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