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our journey

our journey

December 2017

hiveonline is born

hiveonline Aps incorporated in Denmark

Jan 2018

Nordic SME App

We started work on our Nordic SME App, aiming to make it easier for tradespeople (builders/plumbers/electricians etc) be trusted and get access to the financial services they need to help them grow

Oct 2018

Niger Project

We were asked to enter an innovation competition to see how fintech could support CARE’s mission – and we won! This funded a field study trip to Niger with their team and then further projects with them

Feb 2019

Techstars Berlin Accelerators

We start in the Techstars Berlin Accelerator 2019. Here we meet a lot of mentors and get a lot of advice on how to improve our business over the space of 13 weeks. This highlights the challenge of having two products (Nordic SME and with different customer groups in significantly different markets. With the traction get with CARE, this leads to us pivoting and focusing on sustainable finance for sub-saharan Africa.

June 2019

Inclusive Fintech 50

We’re included in the Inclusive Fintech 50 :star2: as a startup having potential to demonstrate the power of financial technology to expand access, usage, and quality of financial services in advanced and emerging markets

July 2019

Lauching our Savings Groups App

e launch eArziki/ (now named in Niger, in the presence of Niger’s president.

Feb 2020

Norges Vel Mozambique Phase 1 –

We notice that Savings Groups, once they are established, start operating like a community business and see the potential to support cooperatives. Sofie meets Karsten Gjefle at a conference and we write a concept note for Norges Vel on how our technology could help smallholder Cashew cooperatives in Mozambique.

April 2021

Self Help Africa Pilot

hiveonline start working with Self Help Africa in Zambia to roll out to savings groups in the region.

July 2021

Save the Children Lebanon

hiveonline partners with Save the Children Lebanon to adapt our product to support Lebanese households during the country’s catastrophic financial crisis.

September 2021

MIT Solver Winner

hiveonline is selected as one of the 2021 MIT Solver Cohort :trophy: . We win three additional prizes from Vodafone Foundation, GSR Foundation and John F. McGovern Foundation.

Nov 2021

Successful Cashew Harvest successfully supports the Mozambique cashew harvest, collecting useful data from cooperatives about what they have delivered.

April 2022

Successful Voucher Distribution

Our eVoucher solution is piloted in Mozambique with three AMPCM cooperatives distributing Aflasave fungicide :peanuts: .

Aug 2022

Norges Vel Mozambique Phase I1 –

Norges Vel signs a third partnership agreement with hiveonline to work on the bridging phase of CC2
November 2022

Aug 2022

4th Cohort of Mozambique Central Bank Sandbox

hiveonline accepted by the Mozambique Central Bank into their Regulatory Sandbox setting up a path to offer Mobile Money integration, Third-party Lending and Group Funds Custody.

August 2023

SWIDA Ghana / WFP Project Start is rolled out to savings groups in Ghana in partnership with SWIDA and WFP

Sept 2023

Celebrating 10,000 users in Kenya

10,000 farmers onboarded in Kenya, mostly achieved with our own field officer