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Supporting Financially Excluded Entrepreneurs Worldwide

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Digitizing Village Savings and Loan Associations

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Financially Resilient
Agricultural Cooperatives

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hiveonline is working to bring digital solutions to community savings groups and Village and Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA).

Built with blockchain technology, improves record-keeping, transparency and security while providing groups with a financial history that can shared with Microfinance institutions (MFIs) to boost access to credit to grow their businesses.

450 million small businesses make up over half the world’s economy. They can’t build trust and don’t get the opportunities that big companies get, to credit and markets. Learn how the hiveonline platform is set to change this!

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Our Digital Cooperatives Platform is being designed with the goal of increasing revenues for farmers, providing access to credit and investment for farming inputs, and simplifying accounting and management for cooperatives and farmer associations.

In our work with community savings groups, we realized agricultural communities and businesses face their own set of unique challenges: cash flow, seasonality, losing profits to middlemen, and climatic events.

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At hiveonline we are passionate about sharing our experiences in developing digital solutions for community groups and promoting sustainable finance. Learn more about our work with digital VSLAs in Niger.

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Whether you are an an NGO looking to help your savings groups build financial reputation, an agricultural business or cooperative, or VSLA member – don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see the hiveonline platform for yourself.

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hiveonline is a finalist in the 2020 Cartier Women’s Initiative!

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