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helping small businesses thrive

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Digitising Community Finance

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Growing Small Businesses

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Promoting Sustainable Finance

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hiveonline helps small business grow by giving them access to credit and markets based on what they do

We work with partners like NGOs, merchants, and microfinance institutions to help them support their small business ecosystems

eArziki – digitising Community Finance

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hiveonline has partnered with CARE International to bring digital solutions to Village and Savings and Loan Associations and Community Finance groups: improving record-keeping, transparency and security.

Read about our recent work with VSLAs in Niger!

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What are banks for?

To many of us, we see banks as a necessity; like schools, transport or food shops. They’re part of the familiar infrastructure of modern capitalism, and we would struggle to function normally witho…

eArziki: VSLA Finance Designed with users in mind
eArziki: VSLA Finance Designed with users in mind

Leveraging Design for Low Literacy and ConnectivityBack in July, Sofie and Latif travelled to Niger for the launch of hiveonline’s eArziki platform in conjunction with CARE Niger. Since then, w…

Why is it that some people are excluded from financial systems?

Financial exclusion is widespread in Africa. The reasons for financial exclusion are many. The lack of education, technological skills, and access to banks are just some of the barriers that small bu…