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hiveonline is built on knowledge and experience in finance, technology and international development

The financial services landscape is changing, and with the emergence of new technologies and business models, the traditional banking ecosystem is being disrupted. hiveonline’s team has a wide range of expertise across financial services, emerging technologies and international development. It is important for us to build our products on firm foundations and research and curiosity is core to our values.

Sofie Blakstad, CEO of hiveonline, has been named one of the top 100 Women in FinTech and has been invited to speak at the World Economic Forum, G7 and G20 groups and World Bank/IMF Summit in partnership with UNEP and the Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance, where she is an advisor on FinTech applications to sustainable finance, blockchain, identity and trust.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss research collaboration opportunities, teaching, advice or speaking.

Our Research

FinTech Revolution: Universal Inclusion in the New Financial Ecosystem

authored by Sofie Blakstad and Robert Allen (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

This book is a practical guide to the evolving landscape of finance, highlighting how it’s changing our relationship with money and how financial technology, together with macroeconomic and societal change, is rewriting the story of how business is done in developing economies.

“Should be mandatory reading for industry professionals” – Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO Copenhagen Fintech

“One of the best Fintech books of all time” – The Book Authority

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Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance

Sustainable Digital Finance in Asia

hiveonline has been supporting the SDFA since early 2017 with expert advice and research on applications of fintech to unlocking sustainable finance, including novel investment instruments, capital markets innovation and technical approaches to natural capital accounting.

We are happy to support the SDFA in their important work progressing funding of activities supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

Dansk Finanstilsynet FinTech Sandbox

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Press Announcement

Press Coverage – Tech Savvy

It is important for both us and our customers that we operate in the right ways across the jurisdictions we work in.

We are proud to be the first entrant into the Dansk Finanstilsynet (Danish Financial Services Regulator) FinTech Sandbox where we are working closely with them, ensuring that our innovative business model and technology meets the requirements for firms operating in Europe.

Money 20/20 Europe – Building the New Financial Ecosystem

Copenhagen FinTech Week – Blockchain & Social Impact