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Enhancing agricultural cooperatives and rural livelihoods

Promoting farmer aggregation and access to finance to expand rural businesses

Identity, Reputation & Financial Resilience

Connecting Producers to Wider Markets

Strengthening with Voucher-based Inputs


Agricultural Cooperatives

Agricultural Cooperatives form a critical anchor for smallholder farmers everywhere. Through our work in community finance and developing, we also noticed that a lot of savings groups had wider ambitions for their agricultural businesses.

Savings groups and local farmers’ associations were eager to formalize, expand their production, and reach markets beyond their local communities. Some larger groups had already joined together to collaborate on commercial activities.

Because these rural and farming communities have their own sets of unique challenges, hiveonline has developed to fit the needs of agricultural cooperatives and farmers associations. offers

  • Crop forecasting so buyers can plan and pre-order with confidence
  • Low-cost voucher distribution over blockchain, with full traceability and controlled redemption
  • Last mile data validation for consumer confidence
  • Financial and administrative cooperative management

Identity, Reputation, & Financial Resilience

The hiveonline digital solution for cooperatives establishes identity, aggregation, and reputation scoring leading to the professionalization of the agricultural sector at the smallholder producer level through a ‘virtuous cycle’ of inputs and expanded production capacity. 

How does it work?

hiveonline creates a unique identity for farmers in the association or cooperative

  1. Data on crop forecasts, crop deliveries and transactions is gathered by the cooperative on
  2. As commitments are met, a reputation score is built for both cooperative and producers for transparency and trust between stakeholders in the value chain.
  3. With real-time dashboards or full integration financial institutions, buyers and support agencies can see candidates for loans, crop purchasing and agricultural inputs distribution based on their history of reliable behaviour.
  4. Repeat: Recognizing the benefits of the inputs on productivity, quality and price from the previous cycle, the farmer can access and afford farming inputs – shifting the cycle from development to commercialization and building both financial resilience and sustainable livelihoods.

Delivering digital solutions in Mozambique

hiveonline is partnering with the Mozambican Association for the Promotion of Modern Cooperatives (AMPCM) and Det Kongelige Selskap for Norges Vel for the development of a digital solution for cooperatives, originally for the Cashew Industry but now spanning multiple crops in Mozambique.

The Digital Cooperatives Platform is a critical part of a broader initiative to professionalise farming and improve smallholder farmers’ yields.

Challenges include, lack of credit history or a financial reputation, to prove they are reliable to lenders, inefficient markets and low productivity due to a lack of access to affordable agricultural inputs.

By recording the transactions of the cooperative members with blockchain, members and associations can prove their reliability and get access to farming inputs that can grow their agricultural output and profit across multiple crop lines.

Vouchers, supply chains and the ecosystem

From the farmers to associations, cooperatives, certifications, processors, exporters and importers- Agricultural supply chains can be complicated. brings transparency across the agricultural ecosystem, plus blockchain based vouchers for secure distribution of agricultural inputs.

The hiveonline Digital Cooperatives Platform streamlines and simplifies cooperative administration allowing for more efficient coordination both within the cooperative and with external stakeholders including NGOs, financial institutions, certifying bodies, purchasers, and providers of agricultural inputs.

Want to Learn More? The hiveonline team is here to answer your questions! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our work with cooperatives and how the Digital Cooperatives Platform can help farming communities worldwide.