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Empowering 2,000 Women Farmers: Hiveonline, CYNK, Flux and KenGrow Collaborate

Hiveonline, CYNK, Flux and KenGrow are partnering to lead a year-long project to empower 2,000 women smallholder farmers in Kenya sustainably. This strategic collaboration is driven by clear objectives that promote financial inclusion, advance regenerative farming practices, and enhance women’s leadership in the agricultural sector.

Hiveonline will spearhead financial inclusion for selected groups by building their digital financial history data via This data is essential and serves as a prerequisite for accessing external finance, notably loans from our partner financial institutions in Kenya. Additionally, in line with the project’s objectives, educational and training resources will be distributed via to equip women farmers with the necessary practical skills in climate-smart agriculture and advancing regenerative farming techniques.

Furthermore, CYNK’s digital technology enables access to carbon finance opportunities via voluntary carbon credits, enabling women farmers to participate in global financial and climate markets. By sequestering carbon on their farms using the educational content and training they will receive, these women can generate additional income streams, contributing to environmental sustainability and financial resilience. 

This collaborative initiative sets a precedent for inclusive and sustainable development in rural communities. By leveraging digital platforms and strategic partnerships, Hiveonline, CYNK, Flux and KenGrow are championing women’s leadership in agriculture and driving positive change at scale.

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