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The Money20/20 Academy has landed

money 20/20 academy

After our resounding success last year achieving a finalist spot at the Pitch Competition, hiveonline has been invited to be a part of the Money20/20 Academy!

hiveonline has been selected as one of the top Fintech startups of 2018, and will be represented at the event in Amsterdam, where we hope to see many of our fintech friends.  Sofie will also be speaking on the Arena stage, describing our alternative financial ecosystem economy solution for the world’s poorest communities:

New financial ecosystems: building universal inclusion via blockchain

We all know blockchain is a transformational technology, but how can this be applied for universal good? What will it mean when communities are able to own (and profit from!) their own assets, and invest these profits back into their local economies. When contracts are immutable, what can this do for communities affected by corruption and high risk transactions? With concrete use cases from communities in developing economies, take a forward thinking look at the potential for blockchain outside the box.

We are thrilled to get to be a part of Money20/20 once again and can’t wait to see some familiar faces in the upcoming months.

We’ll see you there!