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Latif hits 3 months!

Latif Amars

My first three months at hiveonline have been exciting. The fact that this is my first job that taps into my passion for both the environment and technology has led me to have a lot of expectations. For a while, I have been looking for a position at the nexus between the two issues.
I am based in Sweden so the first few weeks entailed travelling to Copenhagen for team meetings and attending conferences. These were very interesting as I was able to learn more about what hiveonline does, get to know the team and understand how best I can support the company’s mission. For now, my position as the Sustainability Execution Business Analyst involves doing tremendous amount of research—which is a joy! So far, my focus has been exploring different ways our platform can support reporting and determining of sustainability and design an approach to achieve these goals. To enrich our approach, I have analyzed countless sustainability frameworks including the Green Bond Principles, Climate Bonds Standards, UN Sustainable Development Goals, GRI Standards and UN Global Compact. All of which have been quite eye opening.

Another part of my work involved researching innovative ways to bank the unbanked through our MFI offering and support the designing of a project management solution for our enterprise offering. I think the latter could be a paradigm changer, especially in development aid use cases as it incorporates both accounting and M&E aspects while minimizing technology needs. These ideas and solutions give me hope that it is possible to reach those at the bottom of the pyramid and truly transform their lives.

Until now, there are two major aspects of my job that I have really enjoyed:

+ The constant learning and re-learning of the familiar in a new light. I get bored with repetitive tasks that add little to my knowledge and skills.
+ The realization, at the outset, that the financial solutions we provide can have transformative impact at the landscape level. From equalizing power imbalances in an unequal world, incentivizing green growth in the context of rampant environmental degradation, to fighting some of the most pernicious global issues such as corruption. Driven by this, I am glad that I am part of the hiveonline team.