Hedvi’s 3 months at hiveonline!

Hedvi’s 3 months at hiveonline!

What? I’ve already hit 3 months at the hive? Can’t believe how quickly time has passed. Things have certainly been running fast!

I first started as a Community manager at hive, where together with Camilla we started to build our strategy on how to engage with Danish SME builders and create a community around making their lives easier and help them collaborate, not to mention help them with regulations, which they often don’t have time for or are not even aware how to handle, one of them being the much hyped GDPR.

While holding the pen in the community-building project, I also started to coach the whole Copenhagen team in working agile. I’m a certified SAFe agilist and the team at hive has been my first, very own team who I’ve supported and guided on working with backlogs, mapping tasks, responsibilities and deliveries in sprints. We first started off this activity with post-its and a huge Program Board, but since we also have team members in Stockholm, we soon realised it’s more feasible to run everything electronically on JIRA.

hiveonline works agile

On top of this, at one point I also found myself acting as Product Owner for our Danish SME App. So while supporting Camilla with building relationships with Danish builders, I also got to work on translating requirements for our developers in Kiev. I have to say; this has probably been the steepest learning curve for me for a while, as I’ve had to brush up on a lot of technical know-how, and combine it with my usual work profile.

All in all, it has been a great journey so far! I’ve definitely navigated my way through some interesting waters, and I’m so very happy to be able to contribute in many different areas in the company – the perks of start ups 😉

Hedvi’s 3 months at hiveonline!

I cannot wait for our Nordic SME app to go live and see how you all like it. Stay tuned!


Hedvi-Ly Kämärä