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How helping small companies can have a huge impact

How helping small companies can have a huge impact

“How big an impact is your company making? At hiveonline we started out small and focused, now suddenly the possibility to have a larger impact has emerged. Are you seizing the opportunity to change the world for the better?”

By Camilla Vang Arffmann

It wasn’t until last week I realized that helping small and midsize companies can actually have a larger impact.

I had the pleasure of attending Founders of Tomorrow 2018. They make an inspirational impact bootcamp with more than 50 different people, inspiring them with ideas of how new technology can be used, and adding the sustainable development goals (SDGs) –  suddenly by being a part of that, you realize that your company, in my case hiveonline – has the potential to make a huge impact.

The founding idea for hiveonline was to help small and midsize companies by creating a financial trust platform where it is easy to create a contract, prove your work and get paid. It started out as a simple idea to solve a difficult problem for Nordic businesses, and that’s where I thought it finished.

But what happens when you start to think outside the box and you think about where this can be used? Suddenly you realize the potential in the world, not only with ‘Jens, the Danish carpenter’.

Think small – dream big.

What if you add the sustainable development goals and think about how you can help carpenters in Africa? What then if you think about other ways you can help African companies with your product and realize that handling contracts between a single carpenter and a customer isn’t that different to handling a contract between a NGO and companies in developing countries?

Suddenly you have the potential of solving the challenges faced by micro-finance institutions (MFIs) and making a larger impact. The inspiring workshop with brilliant and smart people being challenged with real world sustainable goals and having to work out solutions like ‘saving the bees’, helped me realize how starting small can have a global impact – and how we at hiveonline can make a difference.

At hiveonline we’re aiming to help businesses and make a universal impact with our financial trust platform. While we’re trying to fix admin, finances and trust for Danish small businesses, we see that the same challenges are affecting millions in developing economies even more severely. That’s why we’re engaged with several NGOs and impact organisations who see that hiveonline can have a benefit far wider and greater than in the Nordics.

Making an impact is about making small ideas scale and being a little crazy sometimes. So we urge you to think big, be crazy – join us and think for a second how you or your company can make an impact. It can be done with a twist of focus, with a twist of technology.

And if you have a week to spare – join Founders of Tomorrow 2019 held by DareDisrupt and The Danish Industry Foundation and get new ideas or get in touch with us via @wearehiveonline

Photography By Rasmus Degnbol