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Our Techstars Demo Day Pitch

After thirteen weeks of an incredible journey, Techstars Demo Day was the culmination of the Berlin 2019 programme with all ten startups pitching to a room of investors and partners.

Here’s Sofie’s pitch:

450 million small and family businesses make up over half the world’s economy. 25 million in the EU. They don’t get the opportunities that big companies get, to credit and markets. They don’t grow, and can’t contribute to the economy. Most of them fail.

hiveonline is a toolbox of services for small companies that puts reputation in their hands. It doesn’t matter who they are – customers, lenders and partners know they’re reliable based on what they’ve done.

Businesses build trust by delivering what they’ve agreed, based on relationships made through the trust we’ve helped them build.  

Trust is built on facts about what they do as they make commitments and meet them. Our clever analytics show how reliable they are, as they agree, deliver and transact.  They can see how reliable their partners, lenders and customers are, too!

Trust builds business relationships.  hiveonline builds trust, as we’re proving with our pilots in the most and least developed countries in the world.

We’re getting strong global traction with scale partners because of the platform and because of who we are.  As well as building banks, Sofie has written books on organisations, fintech and economics, and advises the UN, Central Banks and the G20. hiveonline is a strong, inclusive team with over 100 years of global finance and technology experience.

We’re ready to expand with a growing list of large customers, reaching millions of small businesses in a market that’s growing to over 200 million in the coming years. As populations increase, these entrepreneurs are critical to meeting the demands to support future generations – increasing food production and building sustainable environments.

If you’re interested in what we’re up to or want to hear more about Techstars Demo Day, please get in touch.