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Recommendations for Savings Groups in Covid-19 Response

Earlier this week, hiveonline partner CARE International released guidelines on best practices for savings groups coping with the risks of Covid-19. The SEEP network has further developed core guidance on how NGOs and Savings Group leaders can best respond to the crisis. For direct access to these documents in order to obtain information on the right course of action for your Savings Group or those partnered with NGOs, please consult the following documents. 

CARE Guidance:

SEEP Guidance:

In summary of the guidelines, Savings Groups and NGOs are being advised to first and foremost ensure that groups and all of their members have adequate and correct information on Covid-19. This includes health and safety precautions, WHO standards on transmission and prevention, and updated status of social distancing policies in their area. 

Groups are further being advised to develop contingency plans, create phone trees for communication, make choices on the future of savings activities. In many cases this includes the decision on whether to share out savings, suspend meetings temporarily without sharing out, or when comfortable making the move to digital platforms where meetings can be held at a safe distance with mobile phones . 

CARE and hiveonline are taking strong precautions with our pilot communities in Niger. Testing sessions for new app features have been limited in size to three persons. All participants are being provided with hand sanitizer and masks. The situation is being monitored closely for all health and safety risks. 

The Covid-19 crisis has only underscored the importance of developing a digital solution for Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) and Savings Groups worldwide. At hiveonline we are passionate and committed to helping Savings Groups in both the immediate response to Covid-19 and during the long-term economic recovery. 

We at hiveonline will keep you posted with up-to-date information and updates on best practices for Savings Groups and the development of digital solutions. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.