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hiveonline and Green Fintech in The Banker

The Article “Green Fintech Speeds Toward Sustainable Future” takes a look at how the financial sector is growing to embrace green initiatives and is moving toward creating the support needed to implement the SDGs and Paris Agreement.

As an example of a fintech paired with a sustainable agenda, it features hiveonline interested in alternative and community currencies, for example, a hiveonline partners has recently developed an initiative which allows for the digitalization of assets such as goats and the ability to trade for utilities. In regard to development of this and similar projects hiveonline EO, Sofe Blakstad noted: “the ability to digitalize assets and natural capital, and start to associate value with those in real ways is incredibly cool” 

In regard to the big picture and reimagining the global financial system following COVID-19 and opportunities for green and sustainable finance, Sofie iterated that:

“Innovative solutions can step in where there is a vacuum. Regulators and the industry have a part to play in ensuring the space is filled by impact and green solutions” 

Check out the full article on The Banker’s website: