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hiveonline research published in The Journal of Digital Banking

In the article “FinTech at the frontier: Technology developments supporting financial inclusion in Niger”, hiveonline looks into the opportunities for supporting community finance through fintech in Niger and beyond. 

Did you know that Micro (1-10 employees), Small (10-50), and Medium (50-250) sized businesses make up over half the world’s economy and are responsible for over half the world’s employment? Yet of the estimated 450 million micro-businesses worldwide, a staggering 350 million lack access to formal banking services. 

In the article, hiveonline research explores the African Fintech Revolution, mobile money, collective and community commerce structures, behavioural changes towards technology adoption and the overall drive for digitalization in Niger. The article pulls strongly on the unique observations and experience of hiveonline as we continue to pilot and develop a digital blockchain-based solution for savings groups and village savings and loan associations (VSLA) in tandem with CARE International. 

The full article is available with purchase of the journal: