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hiveonline joins F-Lane Accelerator by Yunus Social Business and Vodafone

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We are excited to announce that hiveonline has been selected as a participant for the 5th batch of F-Lane accelerator, five-week program for entrepreneurs with ambitious outcomes to drive change by empowering women.

Led by Yunus Social Business and Vodafone, the program will include a Vodafone mentor ship, a community of impact founders, individual and team coaching, and access to investors. The program aims to bridge the gap and create more inclusive societies, supporting female entrepreneurship and to address the appalling statistic that only 2.8% of venture capital funding goes to women-led startups.

Starting September 7th hiveonline will be joining other inspiring women-led businesses over the next five weeks: Nabta Health, Bidhaa Sasa, Zoora, AKOJO MARKET, Proyecto Moms, SheKab Pakistan, Autsera, Mete a Colher, and Lulu Lab .