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Two Minute Talk with our Intern – Josephine

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Josephine Krieber

hiveonline takes in interns throughout the year, providing them with solid work experience, as well as the chance to develop knowledge and valuable skills, ranging from sales, marketing and product development, amongst others.

Our most recent intern, Josephine Krieber, worked with us for 4 months during the summer and shares her experience with us below.

My introduction to hiveonline came from an interesting talk on a podcast for female leadership, where Sofie, hiveonline’s CEO, presented herself and her fascinating background in tech and banking alongside her startup’s vision and mission. I felt very inspired by hiveonline’s focus on inclusivity, diversity and the improvement of the lives of people who are struggling to meet basic needs.

Due to my safe and healthy upbringing in Denmark, I see it is a huge responsibility to help other people who are not as fortunate as I have been. There are many ways to elevate people out of poverty, and I found that hiveonline has the right approach as to how this can be achieved.

I reached out to hiveonline with the hopes of joining the team for a summer internship position in the summer of 2021. I was thrilled to be welcomed by the incredible team of Sofie, Matt, Simone, Latif, Jean-Pierre and Qusai. 

As an intern, I have been working with the team on their sales projects related to their application, This entailed monitoring and supporting all savings groups and weekly contact with the people responsible onsite for our end users in Zambia and Uganda. It has been an incredible experience to be able to observe the progress that the savings groups have been making from using the application and to learn from the diversity of people and their backgrounds, and how we can, through technology, implement learnings into actions that benefit our end users. 

During my internship, hiveonline welcomed a new project in Lebanon, where I got to join on the initial stages of adaptation to the Lebanese needs amid the ongoing crisis. This entailed a lot of research on the specific elements of Lebanon and the population and the initial work became the foundation for our continuous development of our products from hiveonline, that will benefit the Lebanese in need.

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to intern at such an incredible, fast running startup as hiveonline. The experience has given me so much knowledge on the ability to work together on human development and tech to create products and services that facilitate inclusiveness and identity that help to build better and fairer economies everywhere. 

Since her internship, Josephine has joined the team in a part-time role, supporting Project and Sales. To find out more about our internships and how to apply, click here.