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Hiveonline is in Kenya

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Hiveonline and the Association of Women in Agriculture in Kenya (AWAK) have partnered up to explore the digitalisation of Women’s agricultural groups. 

The pilot project is currently rolling out application to 50 groups in the AWAK network. The platform will provide the groups with a financial identity and access to finance opportunities. Powered by blockchain technology, monitors commitments and transactions, encouraging best practices in agriculture, which are validated through the data collected.

As production plans and transactions are recorded through the app, both individual users and groups themselves build a financial history that can then be shared with financial institutions. AWAK and their field agents are able to receive real-time data on association activities to monitor group progress without the need for in-person visits through the hiveonline dashboard. In another rollout in Zambia, we have seen a 30% reduction in travel to groups, saving in costs and carbon footprint.

About AWAK

The Association of Women in Agriculture in Kenya (AWAK) is a national organisation building capacity for small scale women in agriculture, to become informed decision-makers and key industry players. AWAK has a presence in 47 counties in Kenya and focuses on four key areas: Productivity (capacity around production, climate resilience); Value addition; Market linkage and Financial Inclusion; and Advocacy.

The hiveonline platform delivers seamless association management tools designed to support the operations and transactions of groups and associations in farming.


This collaboration aims to build the capacity of farmers through the use of digital platforms, increasing access to finance and becoming informed decision-makers and key industry players. With this project, we will be rolling out to 50 groups with 25 members in each group and an 80% women representation.

Through this exciting partnership, both AWAK and hiveonline provide a valuable platform and opportunities for the associations of women farmers in Kenya and open further opportunities for additional rollouts in the country.

You can get involved

We are on a journey to create sustainable digital finance for the next billion and we need you. If you are an MFI, Bank or commercial partner looking to work with agricultural cooperatives and associations, you can get involved by requesting a demo with us here.