Building Credit History Through Financial Reputation

hiveonline unlocks access to affordable credit, insurance and savings for communities in the informal economy.

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What is Reputation?

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Recording Transactions with Blockchiain

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Access to Credit
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Building Businesses & Livelihoods

What is Reputation? hive icon

Small businesses everywhere suffer the same problems, so we’re taking our solution to Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) and small business communities in developing economies. Partnering with CARE the pioneers of the VSLA, hiveonline is developing innovative digital solutions for community finance worldwide.

Recording Transactions with Blockchain hive icon

Through hiveonline digital finance tools, Savings Groups can digitally record transactions- improving record-keeping, security, and identity services for members. As these transactions build up and recorded on the blockchain, savings groups build reputation and creditworthiness by creating a digital record of lending and repayments on both a group and individual member level.

Access to Credit: Based on Facts hive icon

This record is used to build bridges to financial institutions and MFIs, giving groups the opportunity to expand community businesses, diversify livelihoods, and bolster their resilience through access to capital.

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