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Gavin’s first 3 months at hiveonline


After spending 4 months with my family chasing summer and sustainable projects around the world the move to winter in Copenhagen came as a bit of a shock. Surprisingly, cycling to work in icy gales isn’t such of a problem when you are passionate about what you are doing and have a great team to work with.

I joined hiveonline as the Sustainable product lead but as the first official employee that has meant getting to grips with all areas while we grow. It has been great to get hands-on with our capabilities, shaping the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) app with our excellent development team in Kiev.

Spending hours with Sofie (CEO and founder) discussing blockchain use cases for developing countries, crypto and smart contracts along with AI for complex trust scores and invoice fraud detection has been mind-blowing. Starting to design the enterprise solution for green finance has enabled me to draw on my 15 years’ experience to deliver something that will really make a difference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Meeting our partners from the United Nations, UNEP and Ericsson provided insight into the demand for our capabilities. Presenting to Nordic urban planners, landscape architects and circular economy start-ups has been a highlight. Investigating opportunities with the Bank of England, start-ups from Ghana and Denmark, inventors and investors from the UK to Australia has been extremely exciting.

Since our first seed round of €800k in November we have grown to 9 employees not counting our Ukrainian development team. We all share the same goal – to build the new economy through financial inclusion.

There is a definite buzz around hiveonline… I can hardly believe it’s only been 3 months since I joined!