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Mozambique Cashew Harvest 2021

Mozambique Cashew Harvest 2021 is here once again and this marks an exciting month for all partners involved in the Connect Caju II project, as the cashew harvest season begins in Mozambique. All the hard work that the small-holder farmers, cooperative managers and the Mozambican Association for the Promotion of… Read More »Mozambique Cashew Harvest 2021

Niger village women meeting

Financially and Culturally Excluded — but Growing Business with Blockchain

Transforming Financial Inclusion in Niger Niger is the one of the most undeveloped countries in the world, according to the UN’s Human Development Index. It’s a vast country, the largest in sub-Saharan Africa with a population density of just 14 per kms. Only 7% of people have bank accounts, and they’re… Read More »Financially and Culturally Excluded — but Growing Business with Blockchain

hiveonline in Africa – the sky’s the limit!

The potential commercial applications for hiveonline are enormous. These range from developed to developing countries, from private sector and public sector to civil society (NGO’s), and create a new playing field.  A field where traditionally, cooperation is challenged by legislation, policy, even ethics and morale; hiveonline’s blockchain based trust network is totally… Read More »hiveonline in Africa – the sky’s the limit!