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Announcement! Sofie now leading the Climate Chain Coalition SDG and natural capital sub-team

Massamba Thioye, leading UN Climate Change’s work exploring DLT and blockchain, has said “The UN Climate Change secretariat recognizes the potential of blockchain technology to contribute to enhanced climate action and sustainability,”

Following the announcement of the Climate Chain Coalition in January of this year, it has been announced that sub-teams will work together, using DLT (distributed ledger technology) or blockchain to share knowledge and technology, and move toward resolving our world climate crisis. Experts in these fields throughout the United Nations have been welcomed to contribute, and among them, Sofie Blakstad, CEO of hiveonline and the new leader of the SDG (sustainable development goals) and natural capital sub-team.

Sofie hopes to take this as an opportunity to use the development and knowledge gained from hiveonline and working throughout the financial industry, and apply it to the team who will be working to help us all build a more sustainable future.

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