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Revolutionising value distribution in Rural Africa

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NGOs and governments can now distribute value and donations to vulnerable people efficiently, cheaply and completely digitally thanks to hiveonline’s blockchain based e-Vouchers.  Mozambican peanut farmers suffer from widespread aflatoxin contamination, which causes stunting in children and cancer. Aflatoxin is responsible for over ⅓ of African liver cancers, and because… Read More »Revolutionising value distribution in Rural Africa

Full Stack Developer Qusai

Meet Our Newest Team Members – Qusai

I have participated in so many projects, but the ones that always got me more involved were the projects that directly impacted and made a difference to people’s lives

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Webinar for digital VSLA support

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Sign up for a webinar next Tuesday 31st March to learn more about hivelonline’s community finance product and how it’s helping Village Savings and Loans Associations in Niger. If you are interested in understanding more about the hiveonline solution and what hiveonline can offer for sustainable finance digital solutions, we… Read More »Webinar for digital VSLA support

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we’re on the seep webinar

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Sofie is speaking on the Seep Network webinar on Wednesday 25th September, talking with several other experts on the potential for blockchain to help drive social impact. The other speakers are:Helen Disney, CEO & Co-founder, Unblocked Events andSuzana Moreira, CEO & Founder, Mowoza Moderated by:Lis Meyers, Managing Associate, Gender and Social Inclusion, Nathan Associates… Read More »we’re on the seep webinar

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BLOCKCHAIN – the Gateway for Sustainability-Linked Bonds

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You can access the report here: The report aims to inspire the deployment of technology to unlock more capital for the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris agreement, with focus on how blockchain can be used for the issuance of Green Bonds. Both Commercial Banks and the World Bank… Read More »BLOCKCHAIN – the Gateway for Sustainability-Linked Bonds

Launching eARZIKI – Blockchain Financial Inclusion – in Niger with M. Le President

MISE À JOUR : hiveonline a cessé de travailler sur le projet CARE eArziki en mars 2020 après un accord mutuel pour mettre fin au partenariat. Bien que l’application eArziki pour les groupes d’épargne ait été développée et testée, elle n’a pas été mise en ligne et n’a pas été… Read More »Launching eARZIKI – Blockchain Financial Inclusion – in Niger with M. Le President

financial inclusion solution for Nigerien women

Financial Inclusion Summit 2019

At the end of March, Sofie Blakstad presented the work that we’re doing in Niger, alongside Line Gamrath Rasmussen from CARE Denmark, at the Financial Inclusion Summit in Oslo. Here’s the video of the session: Here are the slides that were presented: Want to read more about the project we’re… Read More »Financial Inclusion Summit 2019