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Out in the field with small businesses

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Lars Svensson Bygg

The last couple of months we have been out in the field, testing the app with small businesses. We have been testing with carpenters and electricians and we are still expanding. It is really great to get feedback on the app in action – redesigning, doing mock ups and testing again. The passion there is among small businesses is amazing.

A couple of weeks ago I went out to the site where Lars Svenson Byg ApS (pictured) is building a beautiful new wooden house. There is a great passion for working with woods, cutting it to fit perfectly, hammering nails in. As he said “If I was to build a new house for myself this is the kind of house I would live in”.

Feeling the pride and the passion, the processes of the small businesses daily life is what we are all about. This is where their passion becomes our passion. How can we ease their life making an app as frictionless as possible? That can ease their daily life communicating on projects with their customers?

So, we are focusing on the communication with the customer creating a contract on a job with them. This is where the focus is right now.

The customer.

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