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Aligning expectations is money in the bank

Jesper Risløv from Risløv El, great expectation
Working with a startup is not necessarily easy or straightforward. Still we have been very privileged with the contractors who so far are working with us, developing and improving the experience of our app.

Risløv El is one of the contractors who are helping us. “I felt for the idea of a system where you can get assignments and get a reputation score based on the work done – especially because I have great expectations that we deliver good quality work. Also, we like the idea of having a place for smaller jobs where it is easy to see the jobs agreed upon with the customer – see what has to be delivered”, says Jesper Risløv, from Risløv El.

On the road to going live hiveonline have been working with various contractors to streamline processes, such as making sure that there is an estimate before it is called a contract: processes that we wouldn’t have made if it wasn’t for our contractors.

“It is important for us that the app is easy to use, there can’t be too much friction and it has to be easy to give a fast and fair price on the job”, says Jesper Risløv from Risløv El.

Customer focus is money
Under the contractor profile it will be possible for the customer to see if the contractor is certified or a member of a guarantee fund or a union. These inputs would not have been there if it wasn’t for the contractors. All along the development, we have found it really encouraging how much consideration the contractor has for the end customer. They really want to give a good price for the customer, they want the customer to have a good experience and they want the relationship between them to be good while still being able to make money.

“Sometimes it is not as easy to give an exact price on a job, because we don’t know what we find when we start the job. Therefore, we will like to give an estimate, and if we exceed those expectation then we need to talk and adjust the price. And it is not only the price. The same goes for the expectations for the job in general. Everything has to be so fast today. It is really important to make sure that you understand each other – that the expectations right – it will pay off”.

Hiveonline are really happy for the inputs and the ideas that we are getting from the contractors. We are excited to see how the consumers react when we start to deep dive into that in the next couple of weeks. So stay turned to hear how that goes.