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Craftsmen in Denmark – how are they doing?

Craftsmen in Denmark
According to the newest analysis of the building industry made by The Danish Construction Industry and Deloitte, craftsmen in Denmark are getting better at making money. We are all cheering for that. But then why is it that their earning capacity isn’t equally high?Well, according to some of the craftsmen that we are working with, it is nearly impossible to get qualified workers. They have assignments lined up for almost a year, and that means they don’t have time to take in all the extra work that results from finishing a good product in time to the customers’ satisfaction.

The analysis of the building industry states that companies have a potential to improve their business and that isn’t just about finding qualified workers alone, though it is a part of it. A big part of it is making sure that the projects the companies work on are profitable.

How we can help craftsmen in Denmark?

Automating processes such as time and case management or on collaboration with others can improve earning capacity by freeing up time and removing ambiguity.

One way we at hiveonline are helping is to facilitate building a contract with your customer based on an offer. This means when you, as a craftsman, have found a customer and initiated a chat in the marketplace, you can generate an offer for the customer. That offer will automatically become a contract as soon as the customer have approved.

hiveonline’s contracts are easy to edit with pre-loaded terms and conditions – based on the terms and conditions from AB92 consumer – protecting both the craftsman and the consumer.

Regarding the collaboration we have made it easy to find other craftsmen that have been reliable in delivering a good project to customers. Thereby we are making it easy for craftsmen to approach each other and initiate new relations.

Our overall goal is to improve the life of small businesses. We are trying to make it easier find new customers, to create an adjustable, easy to use contract for both consumer and craftsman – with easy, quick payment – to avoid friction, and to give the craftsman a better overview of the projects they have. If that’s the help you need, why not try us out?