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Joining the Lighthouse MASSIV

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We’re proud to be able to announce that after a rigorous application and due-diligence process, hiveonline is joining the Mastercard Lighthouse Massiv programme this spring. The programme gives us the opportunity to access a wide network of both mentors and partners as well as insights on how to scale our business. We’re looking forward to working with Mastercard and their partners to widen our influence in sustainable finance and help more of the financial underserved across the globe.

“Lighthouse MASSIV’s vision is to become an “impact unicorn” factory that helps more than one billion people though products and partnerships. At its core, MASSIV is an open innovation program like Lighthouse, which means that it works by helping companies partner with strong ecosystem players to deliver tangible results.”

Head of Digital Business Development & Fintech Engagement

Why the Lighthouse Massiv accelerator?

hiveonline sees partnerships with aligned organisations as a key way to reach the underserved communities who need community finance solutions. Following on from the work that we are doing with CARE International in Niger and the others that we are onboarding, we have the ambition to build relationships with organisations that see the need for financial solutions for the developing economies they work in.

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UPDATE: hiveonline stopped working on the CARE eArziki project in March 2020 after mutual agreement to end the partnership. While the savings group application was developed and tested, it did not go live and was not used by groups in Niger.