Sofie Blakstad

CEO and founder of hiveonline, helping financially excluded entrepreneurs thrive, author, cyclist, opera nut and fake Dane

New investment round announced

Following our successful raise of €800,000 last year at a post-money valuation of €4.7 million, we are now raising a further seed round of €900,000 towards our mid-2018 go-live. We are now in customer response testing with our SME app, while we’re working on large consortium partnerships in several countries,… Read More »New investment round announced

Refining our plan

Thanks to our investment last year, we’re now a growing team, and the New Year was a perfect opportunity for us to bring representatives from all our teams together in Copenhagen for an intensive four-day workshop to progress our strategy and finalise our development plans towards the mid-year product launch.… Read More »Refining our plan

Press Release – Large seed investment to blockchain startup hiveonline

Fintech startup hiveonline receives a €800,000 seed investment from Swedish entrepreneur Torbjörn Nilsson and his business partner Håkan Birging. The seed money investment comes at a crucial moment in Hiveonlines progress towards launch in 2018. Danish Hiveonline is developing a financial administration solution for small businesses, their customers and investors.… Read More »Press Release – Large seed investment to blockchain startup hiveonline

Platform Consumers

In this article we examine the evolution of consumers from retail consumers to platform consumers, as businesses move into the ecosystem and marketplaces emerge to manage B2C and peer to peer sales.  We  observe how platforms have changed customer expectations and behaviours and discuss the impact on businesses, and how… Read More »Platform Consumers