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Hiveonline extends Mozambique rollout with Norges Vel and AMPCM

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Hiveonline has signed an extension of our partnership with Norges Vel and AMPCM to support the growth of the smallholder Cashew farming community in Mozambique as part of the ConnectCaju programme. The new 17 month phase will increase the usage of hiveonline’s application to open access to supply chains… Read More »Hiveonline extends Mozambique rollout with Norges Vel and AMPCM

Revolutionising value distribution in Rural Africa

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NGOs and governments can now distribute value and donations to vulnerable people efficiently, cheaply and completely digitally thanks to hiveonline’s blockchain based e-Vouchers.  Mozambican peanut farmers suffer from widespread aflatoxin contamination, which causes stunting in children and cancer. Aflatoxin is responsible for over ⅓ of African liver cancers, and because… Read More »Revolutionising value distribution in Rural Africa

Hiveonline is in Kenya

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Hiveonline and the Association of Women in Agriculture in Kenya (AWAK) have partnered up to explore the digitalisation of Women’s agricultural groups.  The pilot project is currently rolling out application to 50 groups in the AWAK network. The platform will provide the groups with a financial identity and access… Read More »Hiveonline is in Kenya

Manage your loans through the app now: How hiveonline enables Cooperative Loan Management

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As a customer-centric organisation, our products are under constant development – we prioritise our development based on the needs of our customers. One of the main challenges our customers in rural Africa face is the difficulty in securing loans for their agricultural businesses. To tackle this, we have launched a… Read More »Manage your loans through the app now: How hiveonline enables Cooperative Loan Management

Mozambique Cashew Harvest 2021

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Mozambique Cashew Harvest 2021 is here once again and this marks an exciting month for all partners involved in the Connect Caju II project, as the cashew harvest season begins in Mozambique. All the hard work that the small-holder farmers, cooperative managers and the Mozambican Association for the Promotion of… Read More »Mozambique Cashew Harvest 2021


2021 Meaningful Business 100 Winner

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We are delighted to announce that Meaningful Business, a global platform for leaders combining profit and purpose, has recognised our CEO Sofie Blakstad of Hiveonline as a Meaningful Business 100 (MB100) leader for 2021.  The award received over 500 nominations from 70 countries, following a global nomination process. Curated by… Read More »2021 Meaningful Business 100 Winner

Zambia: building on a successful pilot with SHA

Since December 2020, hiveonline and Self Help Africa Zambia, have worked together on a pilot project involving the implementation of hiveonline’s blockchain based digital savings platform,, in communities in Southern Zambia. From an already existing savings group model, VSLA, hiveonline has provided a digital solution that improves sustainable microfinance… Read More »Zambia: building on a successful pilot with SHA